Top 10 best kids eat free restaurants at weekends

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Kids don’t eat a lot but sometimes it’s quite a waste to spend money on a full meal when they will only eat a quarter of it. The economy is in a crunch and families are trying to find ways to save a few dollars. Dining at a “kids eat free” restaurant will save you loads of money.

Though there are all you can eat restaurants around the world many of them do not specifically cater to children. Children don’t usually eat the way adult do so when dining out with the family consider one of these top ten kids eat free restaurants.

The weekends are really for family and this is the only time you may get to actually do something together. Though there are kids eat free restaurants throughout the week, consider a kids eat free restaurant for the weekend.

If you are trying to find a place to dine near you and have no clue what to do, will be your guide. Just put in your zip code and the type of restaurant you are looking for and they will provide with the best restaurants in your area.



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1. Holiday Inn
Children eat free with every paying adult all weekend. There are over 3,000 locations. Check the one near you.

2. Ponderosa Steak House
Kids ages 5 and under eat free from the buffet with each adult meal purchase, seven days a week. With over 200 locations across the US, check to make sure your location is participating in this promotion.

3. Salsarita’s
Free for children all day with an adult meal purchase all weekend. Located across several states with over 40 locations.

4. Shoney’s
Children under 4 receive a free meal with an adult meal purchase all weekend. Located across 16 States.

5. Sweet Tomatoes 
Children 2 and under eat free all weekend. With 128 locations scattered across the United States, there might just be a location near you.

6. Perkins
Children eat free all day Saturday. With locations stretching across 33 states you might be in luck for you weekend family dining.

7. Cici’s Pizza
Offers free food for children under 3 all weekend. There are too many locations to count but you might just find that there is a Cici’s near you.

8. Steak n’ Shake 
Coming to Steak n’ Shake, one child eats free per adult entree purchase of $9.

9. Texas Land and Cattle 
The restaurant allows up to two children under 12 eat free per adult meal purchase between 11-4 pm. Though originally from Texas, this restaurant has locations in five states in the US.

10. El Torito 
Children under 12 eat free before 3pm with a paying adult at El Torito.  Very good Mexican food. Check to see if there is a location near you.


Other restaurants to consider for kids Dining with free meals (check for availability) are Burger King (with a kids eat free card), McDonalds, Olive Garden and iHop.

These restaurants are guaranteed to serve not only delicious meals but nutritious as well. Your kids will enjoy a balanced meal of lean protein, vegetables and fruit. In most cases juice is served instead of soda and opt for grill instead of fried foods. Happy eating!


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